It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the need to voraciously research a subject. I think all those MLA-style papers burn out people’s natural desire to research, and make it a word that has a Pavlovian response of the cold sweats.

But. I read this fantastic book called The Monsters of Templeton

by Lauren Groff, and it had a sea serpent in the lake. It was beautiful. My brain is not in a writing mood, I feel like everything I’m saying is stilted, but I don’t want to forget this stuff.

So. I ordered fifteen or so books from the library on prehistoric survivors and lake monsters. There was one that’s out of print called Prehistoric Survivors by Karl Shuker, and it was really pretty convincing. Aaagh. Don’t I sound ridiculous? Like I’m not the four millionth person to hope for living dinosaurs. But there are so many things in the world that are still being discovered, there has to be hope–the mokele-mbembe, secret brontosaurus of Chad…the sabre-tooth tiger…giant sea plesiosaurs..their habitat is certainly smaller but has not necessarily disappeared, and why not? Why not?

It is strange that there have been really no photographs to speak of. Lots of eyewitness reports but no pictures. It comes down to trusting strangers’ word. Lord knows we’re all okay with that.

This is a sad sad post with no flow to it at all. Let’s just call it a fact bookmark of the mind.

It’s inspired several new characters for my drawings. I’m going to start storyboards soon.