Motherf-ing KIDS.

I’m teaching this one kid to crochet, awesome, boys doing needlework, all over it. EVERY GODSDAMN TWO SECONDS he whines for help, but WON’T GIVE UP. In between that I have to resolve every possible tiny insignificant STOOPID conflict that 24 kids can possibly have with each other.

I was at work for eight hours and I have to go back in two for a staff meeting and hear about everything I do wrong. I swear it felt like twelve. I’m sitting in my underwear downing a stiff screwdriver and using all the cuss words I can think of. How the HELL did I survive today? I wanted to crawl inside myself and die , letting them poke my lifeless body and squeal to my carcass, “miss shannon, miss shannon, she KICKED me!”

How about for once in your life, you make some semblance of an attempt to resolve things yourself before you make me solve it? Huh? HUHHHH??????