I just sort of realized that I could have also titled this blog, “So You Want a Resolution.” But I didn’t. Be grateful I didn’t.

‘ve not really ever been much into resolutions, making or keeping them. And by use of extrapolation, I haven’t been much for breaking them if I haven’t been making them. I’ve only ever made them once before, and that was at the the 06/07 switch over. I had resolved, or resoluted as I would prefer to say, to blog (I think) 3 times a week, write a certain number of times a week, and then have a serious romantic relationship by the end of 07, and married within a year of it. I kept the first two for the first half of the year, which is pretty impressive by most standards, I reckon, and I completely made a goal point with the third one. “Nothing but net,” I believe they would say, or perhaps, “from downtown.” Not only did I have a serious romantic relationship by the end of 07, but I was married within six months. Take that resolution!

I didn’t make any for 07/08, but if I had, it would probably have been something like, “don’t mess up, don’t mess up, don’t mess up,” and I think I would have done pretty ok at it. But I didn’t, so I didn’t. And did. At the same time.

Shannon said to me that it would be nice to make creativity an objective for this year. Which I agreed with. As such, she has stuffed her Etsy full of stuff that you should buy, or tell your friends to buy, and started a brand new blog with which she can pimp her Etsy warez. It’s been really cool watching her go to town on this stuff. I really admire her talent with yarn and fabrics. She’s amazing. Now if only she would make me my ManHood (I can’t hyperlink you yet, as it doesn’t actually exist. That’s right, I made it up).

I decided to start a new blog as well. This blog that you’re reading is supposed to be a joint effort. Things that either we both do, or effect both of us. Something like that. The reality is probably something closer to, “sit and collect dust.” At any rate, whether or not it was active or inactive, there are things I want to talk about that I kind of think would violate the spirit of this blog. Mainly things of a media and entertainment nature, which is why I am now Not Quite Cultured (A Blog Of Cultural Implications. Almost.). This blog represents one aspect of my share in the New Year Objectives. The other two big things I want to do are to write a sort of spiritual memoir-in-progress, and some sort of fictional book. The spiritual book is based on the premise that my beliefs have changed considerably from when I was first able to structure them, and continue to change, and it’s simply me nothing those changes. The fictional book’s content I’m uncertain of. There’s a song called Nutopia by an industrial-metal band called Pigface, and it seems conceptual. It’s about a woman living in a city that’s super segregated by false technological barriers. The sound of the song is very futuristic, and semi-nihilist, but it gave me an idea for a sort of sci-fi book that I think could be quite compelling. Plus, it’d have a song as its source of inspiration. How rad would that be. Very is the answer. The other idea I’m kicking around is a zombie story. It’s kind of an unorthodox zombie story, but I don’t know if I would be able to actually finish it. Mostly because at this exact moment I’ve hit something of a zombie phase thanks to The Walking Dead and World War Z, and I don’t know how long that will last. To be fair, I guess you could say I hit something of a sci-fi phase about 15 years ago, and I also don’t know how long that will last, but odds are good that it’ll be longer than the zombie one.

Perhaps a lighter more secondary (quaternary/tertiary) objective would be sculpy. I discovered I have a talent for this stuff, and I think it would be good to try to refine that talent. But I would have to work small, and I don’t think it’ll be a major focus for quite awhile yet, as I don’t have Shannon’s ability to pull images out of my mind and make them exist.

To recap: